Chaotic warehousing

Also known as: Dynamic warehousing

Die chaotische Warehousing wird auch als dynamische Lagerung bezeichnet und beschreibt eine Optimierung der Nutzung der Lagerfläche. Dabei hat das Chaos System: Dynamisch bedeutet in diesem Zusammenhang, dass keine festen Lagerungsplätze vorhanden sind. So lässt sich die Lagerkapazität maximal ausnutzen.

Definition / explanation

In contrast to static storage, in the chaotic variant, no fixed items are assigned to the storage locations; rather, they move through the warehouse during their dwell time.

The “goods to person” principle applies, which means that the goods move in the direction of the order picker and not the other way around. Two shelving systems characterize the chaotic storage: In the case of carousel, revolving and mobile shelving, the shelves themselves can be moved or the entire storage unit with the help of flow shelves.

For this purpose, all shelf spaces are digitally recorded and noted in a merchandise management system. This constantly analyzes the warehouse for free spaces and automatically assigns readable, labeled articles to them.

Reasons for application and requirements

Chaotic warehousing is advantageous if a company has a large warehouse with a high capacity, but it still requires efficient use of space (for example, if there is a lack of clarity). It is also suitable when there is a high turnover of articles with constantly changing inventory.

Da diese Form der Lagerhaltung automatisierte Prozesse erfordert, sollte sich deren Implementierung und business in einem überschaubaren Zeitrahmen finanziell positiv auswirken. Dazu gehört ein effizientes Warenwirtschaftssystem (mit Kennzeichnungs- und Koordinatensystem), um manuelle Suchvorgänge zu vermeiden.

advantages and disadvantages

The advantage of this type of storage is the optimal use of storage capacity, as empty spaces are avoided. Due to the mobility of the storage units, order picking can also be improved.

It is disadvantageous if the warehouse management system makes impractical decisions (e.g. items with a high turnover rate far back, heavy storage units at the top). A potential technical failure is reflected in a high level of manual effort.

The high acquisition costs for chaotic warehousing are usually a hurdle for smaller companies.


  • Chaotic storage means that storage units do not have a fixed location
  • Storage locations and articles are digitally marked, recorded and automatically dispatched
  • Storage capacities are optimally used
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