Change management

Also known as: Change management

The term change management summarizes all measures, activities and activities that are used to integrate new structures and far-reaching changes within a company. A fixed goal is given that should be achieved within a certain time.

Definition / explanation

Change management (also known as change management) is always necessary when a company is no longer up to date and thus its competitiveness is threatened. This can be the case, for example, if the internal structures are outdated, demand changes completely due to innovations or processes no longer work.

Change management process

Defrosting phase (unfreezing) - The first thing to consider is what needs to be changed. The employees who work in the affected departments should be included, because it is they who have to implement the changes.
A plan is then created from the results. This insight that something has to be changed is also the first phase of change management - the unfreezing phase.

Moving phase - In the second phase, the moving phase, possible solutions that have been developed are tested and evaluated. At this point it makes sense to work in smaller groups, in which some of the changes in a project are implemented.

Freezing phase - The freezing phase represents the last stage on the way. The changes must now become part of everyday life, they should no longer be a novelty, but become a habit.

Special features of change management

Change management is geared towards precise goals. There is a certain point that needs to be reached. The time limit makes it easier to focus on this goal.

In many cases, change management consults with consultants who have a neutral view of the processes. In this way a decline into old patterns can be avoided.


  • Change management serves as an instrument for changing structures and processes
  • necessary to keep the company up to date
  • The process consists of three phases: thawing, moving and freezing
  • limited in time and aimed at a specific goal
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