Certified eBay solution providers

What is eBay Certified Solution Provider?
A certified eBay solution provider offers eBay customers business solutions to minimize the labor and time required to effectively manage the business activities and sales of sellers. Certified eBay solution providers offer a wealth of business applications and are considered certified because they are recognized and recommended by eBay. EBay sellers can recruit a certified eBay solution provider to increase their sales.

Certified eBay solution providers help sellers leverage online applications such as online sales tools, website design services, listing and imaging hosting tools, file sharing, and Microsoft Excel plugins for eBay. Additional resources can include buyer support applications, tracking, bulk listing creation, inventory management, reporting, and multiple online channel sales.

Verification of eBay certification can be done by checking for eBay certified logos. Applications bearing the eBay Certified Solution Provider logo meet high standards and have been recognized by eBay as the most effective and trusted solution providers. The certification providers are thoroughly vetted by eBay in a process that includes a certification exam and provides good customer testimonials.

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