Certification Authority

What is a certification body?
A certification authority (CA) is a person who is entrusted with obtaining unique user identification features. Most often, certification bodies are employees in organizations for whom electronic documents or records, such as bank records, are considered highly sensitive or confidential and could be used for illegal purposes.

These carefully selected employees have the power to authenticate specific individual information about potential employees or website visitors. The Internet or the work-related computer activities of the certification authorities are ultimately checked via asymmetric cryptography.

Certification authorities certify individuals and / or companies who need or want access to secure company information, sometimes within websites. In this way, CA collect information to screen people during the authentication process. The amount of information collected and / or the complexity of the screening process depends directly on how secure the information is. There are both internal and external certification bodies that can be individuals or a group. Internally, CAs support communication between employees and computer connections.

Externally, they allow clients to access links within the website of an organization or company. Root certificates can allow a user to view certain information when there is more than one certification authority. VeriSign is an example of a company that would use multiple certification authorities.

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