Mobile phone hacking

What is mobile phone hacking?
Cell phone hacking is a questionable practice in which a third party gains access to an individual's cell phone through various methods. The legality of cell phone hacking depends a lot on who is hacking. For example, law enforcement agencies and national governments often use cell phone hacking techniques to identify criminals and monitor dissidents.

There have been many prominent cases of illegal cell phone hacking, particularly celebrity cell phones. In 2007, a former journalist for the News of the World tabloid was charged with attempting to hack royal aides' phones. In 2011, the same tabloid came under fire for hacking the voicemail of a 13-year-old girl who went missing and possibly meddling in the investigation in what ultimately turned out to be her murder.

Dieser Begriff wird auch als Handy-Hacking, Cell phone spying, Telefon-Hacking oder Phreaking bezeichnet.

Simply put, cell phone hacking occurs when someone else gets on your phone. Depending on their motives, the hacker can simply view the data stored on the phone, send your location or send messages to your contacts under your name.

However, more serious cases of hacker attacks are hackers:

- Deletion of data

- Add malicious programs

- Get access to sensitive information such as bank accounts

- Transcribing private conversations

- Save copies of texts and emails

Common ways a hacker can gain access to your mobile phone are:

- Bluehacking - Gaining access to your phone when it is a discoverable device on an unprotected Bluetooth network

- Undetected access to an unlocked phone that has been left unattended in a public space

- Mimicry of a trustworthy network or cell phone tower

- Phone cloning by copying the target phone's SIM card

- Malware apps that install malware or make changes to the firmware

- Phishing from mobile-optimized websites

- Fraudulent accounts are reset using known information about the user (phone number, date of birth, address, etc.).

With so many methods available and more sensitive data stored on smartphones and mobile devices, cell phone security has become a major concern.

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