Cell padding

What is cell padding?
Cellpadding is a syntax and command used in certain types of programming that increases the amount of white space in table designs.

One of the most common uses of cellpadding is in web design. Earlier versions of HTML included cellpadding commands that allowed designers to render a table with more white space in each cell of the table. The boxes would get bigger, but the text would stay the same size and create some sort of bigger border in each box. Now the W3C is advising users that HTML5 does not include cell padding and that this command should instead be run in Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), a new language protocol that extends HTML in web design.

Other types of technologies have alternative solutions for creating cell padding. For example, in Microsoft Excel, users can For example, increase the cell padding in the spreadsheet by increasing the size of columns and rows and then using a 'center' command.

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