Caspio Bridge

What is Caspio Bridge
Caspio Bridge is a cloud software and platform service for building scalable web databases, forms and company-wide, database-supported applications.

Caspio Bridge enables the development of database-supported web and software applications without the user having to program. This is achieved through an interactive development environment that is accessed over the Internet.

Caspio Bridge provides an easy-to-use development interface for developing database applications, ranging from a simple website to a complex e-commerce solution. Caspio Bridge has built-in forms, applications, and database development wizards that allow developers to create a specific solution based on user input and preferences.

The Caspio Bridge development framework is integrated with database development software that is entirely hosted and executed by Caspio's cloud servers and can be easily deployed in an existing or new website or application. The Caspio Bridge platform also supports development for mobile applications such as iPhone, Blackberry and Android with extensive customization functions tailored to the mobile operating platform.

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