Cash deposit policy, bargaining theory, and cash

Cash deposit policy - The aim of the cash deposit policy is to avoid large amounts of money flowing into Germany from abroad due to favorable interest rates.

For this reason, private individuals or companies that take out a loan abroad must deposit a certain percentage with the central bank (cash deposit rate). This portion of the loan is not subject to interest (cash deposit). The cash deposit policy was last used in Germany in the early 1970s.

Bargaining theory - Stipulates that when the economy is favorable and unemployment falls, unions will negotiate higher wages through collective bargaining. The companies accept this and pass on the increased wage costs in price increases. Exactly the other way around, this process runs in an unfavorable economic situation.

Cash money – Die von der Notenbank ausgegebenen Banknoten und Münzen sind Bargeld. Bargeld ist das liquideste Mittel der Geldmenge, welches sich in einem Land im Umlauf befindet. Hinzu kommt der bargeldlose Payment transactions in Form von Buchgeld bzw. Girogeld.

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