CAPI (Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing)

CAPI is the abbreviation for Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing (translated: computer-aided personal survey). Personal interviews are carried out with a notebook or laptop in which the questionnaire is saved. The interviewer goes through the questions on the screen with the respondent and enters the answers using the keyboard. Using a touch screen, the survey participants can enter the answers themselves directly (for example at trade fairs).

The advantages of a computer-aided survey: the questioning is automated and thus simplified, objects such as packs, advertising, etc. can be displayed in multimedia, questions can be rotated randomly, time expenditure and coding errors are eliminated, the plausibility of the answers is checked during the survey Information is immediately available as a data record that can be evaluated.

Dem stehen nur weniger wichtige Nachteile gegenüber: mögliche Akzeptanzprobleme von Computern bei den Befragten, die begrenzte Erfassung offener Fragen sowie die acquisition cost der Geräte für das Durchführen der Interviews.

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