What is Cantenna?
A cantenna is a special type of homemade antenna made from a metal can. This is how this device got its name. This mechanically simple amplifier is used in various mobile phone and Wi-Fi systems to increase the range or signal quality.

In terms of capability, the signal enhancement of different Cantenna tools can vary. For example, some users of home-built systems report 3 decibels of signal improvement while others claim an improvement of up to 10 decibels or more. There are also several types of methods of constructing one of these devices, including using a cable to connect the socket to a Wi-Fi adapter, or connecting the socket to the adapter with a certain type of connector. How a design works also depends on the size and type of can used.

A cantenna is viewed as a type of life hack or DIY project that has become popular for locating or extending wireless signals because the limited range of the wireless router sold commercially is frustrating for many users. The idea also helps evaluate how wireless access is distributed among users as the demand for and marketing of these signals continues to evolve.

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