Canned air

What is canned air?
'Constant Air' is a type of compressed air that is sold in small hand-held aluminum aerosol cans. The purpose of these cans is to remove any dust or debris from computer keyboards and computer cases. This prevents damage to the computer from overheating if the air vents are blocked.

Canned air is also known as a gas scrubber.

Canned air is another name for the compressed air cans sold under brands such as Endust or Dust-Off that are designed to safely remove dust from electronics. While the term refers to air, these cans may contain other chemicals, such as difluoroethane. To prevent inhalation abuse, some manufacturers add a bitter agent. The cans are usually equipped with small plastic straws that control the air flow more precisely.

Compressed air is used to remove dust and other particles found in computer keyboards and computer suction fans. Leaving the fans free will prevent the computer from throttling the processor if it overheats. Over time, the fan vents can become completely clogged and prevent the computer from working. Laptops are particularly vulnerable because their parts are inaccessible to the user. Periodic use of canned air on the vents of a computer is therefore a good maintenance practice.

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