What is cancelmoose?
The Cancelmoose is a kind of mythical character that is part of the now ancient story of USENET, a popular online forum in the early days of the internet. The cancelmoose mark could have been a person or persons who canceled USENET articles marked as spam or poor quality content.

In the days of USENET, the freedom to post content online came with a degree of chaos and a need for system administration. In the early days of USENET, spam deletion was not formalized and effectively centralized. In this vacuum, the Cancelmoose worked to add value to the forum. Later, more formal guidelines for deleting spam emerged.

The Cancelmoose still has its own website and historical data pages online. It's effectively obsolete now as the USENET era has given way to the modern era of the Internet, where most of the communication is through a variety of more modern places like Facebook.

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