Campaign management system

What is campaign management system?
A campaign management system (CMS) is a software solution that has been developed for the various components of a marketing campaign.

Although it uses the same acronym as Content Management System (CMS) and their designs are similar in some ways, they are conceptually different. A content management system identifies and marks individual marketing content on its way through the creation, design and sales process. In contrast, a campaign management system is designed to measure the elements and individual components of a marketing campaign.

A campaign management system usually provides an easy-to-use dashboard that enables business leaders / marketing officers to see key data and identify key results in various marketing efforts. A typical campaign management system, for example, divides different screens and presentations for social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and others and shows at a glance how different these individual campaigns are.

Many campaign management systems deal with the tabular return on investment (ROI) issue for marketing campaigns - the idea is that business / marketing executives can see how each part of a campaign is making money and whether or not it can be self-sustaining. Marketers point out that marketing ROI is by nature quite abstract and ambiguous. However, with more advanced technologies, companies can find out more details about how much they are getting for their marketing investments.

Ein Kampagnenmanagementsystem muss auf einer bestehenden Business-IT-Architektur basieren. Das System sollte daher so gebaut sein, dass es mit Legacy-Systemen kompatibel ist, einschließlich Call-Centern, Data-Warehouses, Servern und Mainframe-Systemen oder mit jedem anderen Teil eines Hardware- oder Netzwerkdesigns, das Daten von einem Knoten oder Punkt zu einem anderen überträgt. Dies kann ein ziemlich fortgeschrittenes brainstorming für die Implementierung und laufende Wartung erfordern, um sicherzustellen, dass die Systeme korrekt funktionieren.

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