Call logging

What is call logging?
Call logging is the process of tracking phone calls and deciphering the information. Call logging does not focus on the actual content of the phone calls, but rather on the statistical and technical data about phone calls.

Telephone call data can be obtained using a telecommunication system or a private branch exchange. The form in which this extracted data is available is called a call detail record. The data for the call logging is generated using analysis software from third-party applications. The raw call records are then decrypted and converted into information that can be analytical, graphical and insightful reports.

Call logging has many advantages. In addition to analyzing the number of calls, call cost, and cost by department, call logging can provide information on phone fraud incidents. For businesses, call logging can help assess whether a particular phone line is underused or underused.

For organizations or providers, call logging can provide performance-related interpretations, e.g. B. Whether customers can be shown acceptable levels of performance over a certain period of time. Call logging can also provide details about call patterns, which in turn can help load balance or save costs. Other important data that can be provided by analyzing call logs is reporting on quality of service.

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