Caching proxy

What is caching proxy?
Caching proxy is a type of internet / network caching technique that enables a proxy server to store current and frequent website / webpage requests and data requested by one or more client computers.

It is a means of speeding up webpage and website requests by storing an instance of frequently used content and resources locally on the proxy server.

Caching proxy can also be referred to as web proxy caching.

Caching proxy primarily enables the improvement of the access times to websites, minimizes the download of data and lowers the use of bandwidth. The caching proxy works when the proxy server analyzes and stores an instance or part of the data for frequently used websites and / or internet-based resources.

When a client request is made for a web page or resource that matches data stored locally in a proxy cache, the proxy server retrieves and delivers the data immediately. The resource stored on a local proxy server is provisioned much faster and requires less bandwidth to download from the target server.

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