Purchase motive

Buying motive is a collective term for the needs and views that induce consumers to buy a particular item. Of course, basic needs such as hunger and thirst (for food), the desire for warmth and protection (e.g. for clothing or furniture) should also be mentioned here. But these primary and other intellectually justifiable needs are not the only determinants of the purchase. Often they are overlaid by other emotional needs. The customer not only buys a dress to keep her warm, but also because she wants to look pretty.

Or the customer buys a car not only as a practical means of transportation, but because it wants to increase the respect of his colleagues and neighbors. There is a whole range of different buying motives, here the most important: Reputation, prestige, need for recognition, beauty, joy, health, thrift. These purchase motives determine significantly, even if often unconsciously or unspoken, in the purchase decision and are therefore of the greatest importance for the argumentation.

It is easier for the customer to make a purchase decision if he is given to understand that the product corresponds exactly to his main purchase motive. The prestigious customer hears z. B. likes that the dress goes perfectly with her and looks very noble.

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