Buyer Migration Analysis

The buyer migration analysis is a special analysis from the area of the consumer panel (panel evaluations). This analytical approach examines the immigration and emigration of buyers between brands (or pack sizes, varieties, etc.) in a comparison of two time periods.


It is being investigated. how many of the buyers who bought Brand A in the second period, in the first period

  • also bought A (repeat buyer)
  • did not buy A (= immigrant)
  • and how many buyers only bought in the first period A (= migrants).

These three groups can be examined more closely according to purchase quantities, etc. if necessary.

Example: The buyer reach for Brand X over two consecutive periods of equal length is 25%. Of these buyers, 20% only bought Brand X in the first period, 50% in both periods, and 30% only in the second period. The number of immigrants is greater than that of emigrants, so there has been an increase in the range of buyers for brand X from the first to the second period. For the group of repeat buyers, the comparison of the requirement coverage (requirement coverage analysis) via brand X in the two periods is interesting.

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