Business Intelligence Architect (BI Architect)

What is a business intelligence architect (BI architect)?
A business intelligence architect (BI architect) is a top-level business intelligence analyst who deals with certain aspects of business intelligence. This discipline uses data in certain ways and builds special architectures that benefit a company or organization. The business intelligence architect will typically be responsible for creating or working with these architectures that have the specific purpose of maximizing the potential of data assets.

BI architects are often tasked with developing specific data structures or implementations for a range of end users within an organization. The business intelligence architect serves as the point person for programs that form an architecture for handling data, including databases, data warehouses, and other storage resources. BI architects also often work on tasks such as linking legacy or enterprise software with BI applications or platforms, and creating or processing metadata that enables programs to use data more efficiently and accurately.

In general, a BI Architect serves an employer by promoting clarity and efficiency in using data to make decisions. The BI architect often considers problems such as good documentation, changes in IT structures and errors or malfunctions in applications and programs in order to maintain and create good systems for data usage.

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