Business assets

What are business assets?

Business assets under tax accounting law are understood to be the sum of all assets of a company. For each one Economic good the property as business assets must be checked separately. A distinction must be made in tax law:

What do business assets include?

• The necessary business assets include all assets that the business serve directly and exclusively and, by their very nature, have a close relationship with him. It therefore mainly consists of company buildings, machines, materials and all other means of production that form the basis of the company.

Private wealth

• The necessary private assets, to which assets are to be assigned, which are neither directly nor indirectly suitable for serving the business and which, by their nature, have a close relationship with the private sphere of the taxpayer, e. B. his house.

Voluntary business assets

• The arbitrary business assets, to which those assets are counted which by their nature are neither necessary business assets nor necessary private assets, e.g. B. Land, securities.

Business assets include all assets which serve a commercial purpose as their main purpose and which can be economically assigned to the company.

If an economic good is assigned to the business asset, then the expenses associated with this good can be claimed under tax law. In addition, capital losses and capital gains must be taken into account for tax purposes.

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