Business analysis

Business analysis is an examination of the strengths and weaknesses of a company. It is also known as an operational analysis and is closely related to the environmental analysis. Most of the information can be taken directly from the company's database. The company analysis can include:

Analysis of strengths and weaknesses

the Analysis of strengths and weaknessesthat compares the positive and negative characteristics of one's own company with those of its most important competitors. This analysis can be carried out by a management team whose members belong to different company departments.

Area analysis

the Area analysisthat relates to the individual corporate divisions, e. B. Materials, manufacturing, marketing, human resources, finance, information, research and development and accounting. She will too Potential analysis called.

Gap analysis

the Gap analysiswhich affects the strategic gap. It results from the comparison of z. B. previously realized sales curve (basic business) and desired target sales curve on the planning horizon. It is also known as gap analysis.

Portfolio analysis

the Portfolio analysis, with which a portfolio is examined as a coordinate system of market growth and market share. This results in star, sales, junior or problem products. A portfolio strategy can be derived from the research results.

Key figure analysis

the Key figure analysisthat deals with key figures, e.g. B. Profitability, Cash Flow, Profitability, Productivity, Liquidity.

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