Brand equity

A brand is understood to be a symbol that is used to mark goods and services and thus gives them an easily recognizable specialty. This can also be the name of the company. The brand value describes the advantages that are associated with a brand, its name or symbol and the influence that the brand has on the value of a product or service or the company.
The most valuable brands include Coca-Cola, Windows (Microsoft), Nokia, Mercedes, Sony. The value of these brands is estimated at several billion dollars.

Brand - brand value in million US$
Coca-Cola - 83,845
Microsoft - 56,654
IBM - 43,781
General Electric - 33,502
Ford - 33,197
Disney - 32,275
Intel - 30,021
McDonald's - 26,231
AT&T - 24,181

For the equity provider and the company, the brand value is an intangible asset. For non-investing stakeholders such as consumers and retailers, the brand itself is less the object of evaluation than the branded product. With this interest group, the brand value is often determined using a price equivalent. An attempt is made to determine the amount of money that a consumer is willing to pay more for a branded product compared to an unbranded product.

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