Definition of brainstorming

Brainstorming is a creativity technique to promote innovative solutions as part of a group session. The group should be composed homogeneously, because the participation of people from different hierarchical levels can lead to psychological inhibitions in communication.

Principles of brainstorming

• A maximum of 12 participants with as diverse a knowledge and experience as possible.
• Early and as precise as possible specification of the topic or problem to be discussed.
• Announcement of the meeting rules at the beginning of the group meeting.
• Session lasts a maximum of 30 minutes.
• Spontaneous and relaxed atmosphere.
• Recording the ideas expressed by the participants.

During the group meeting, the following rules apply:

• Criticism is strictly forbidden.
• Quantity comes before quality.
• Let your imagination run wild.
• Killer phrases are not allowed.
• Spontaneous ideas should be expressed.

Group brainstorming

In brainstorming, the ideas are picked up by group members and spontaneously developed further, which can also bring about changes in the ideas. There are no copyrights, each participant should carry on the thoughts of the other.

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