Bluetooth brick

What is a bluetooth brick?
A Bluetooth brick is a sealed device that is equipped with sensors that can monitor and communicate information such as vibration levels or temperature. It uses bluetooth technology for transferring data. Bluetooth devices are used in a wide variety of industries when monitoring with wired devices is difficult due to frequent movement or installation difficulties.

A battery operated Bluetooth device is similar in size to a paperback book and weighs less than a pound. One of the great features of the Bluetooth brick is that it can be placed in hard-to-reach areas and it transmits information using Bluetooth technology, which is ideal for short-distance wireless communication. There are many manufacturers using longer range Wi-Fi solutions to replace cables. Due to their lower cost and portability, Bluetooth components dominate markets such as the manufacturing industry. Most Bluetooth devices are designed for transparent wireless serial connections.

Compared to cabling, Bluetooth components are the most cost-effective alternatives. It's one of the best devices for monitoring and transmitting information, even in complex physical environments. In addition, Bluetooth bricks use less power, so the batteries last longer than usual.

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