What is bluejacking?
Bluejacking is a hacking method that allows a person in a specified radius to send anonymous messages to Bluetooth-enabled devices. First, the hacker scans his surroundings with a Bluetooth-enabled device, looking for other devices. The hacker then sends an unsolicited message to the discovered devices. Bluejacking is also known as bluehacking.

Bluejacking uses a basic Bluetooth feature that allows devices to send messages to contacts within range.

Bluejacking doesn't involve hijacking any device, despite the meaning of the name. The bluejacker is only allowed to send unsolicited messages. A kidnapping does not take place because the attacker never has control of the victim's device. At worst, bluejacking is a nuisance.

Blues snarfing and Bluebugging however, are actual attacks that can cause a user to lose control of their device. Although bluejacking, bluesnarfing, and bluebugging use Bluetooth as an entry point, bluesnarfing and bluebugging are far more harmful.

Bluejacking can be prevented by putting a device in hidden, invisible, or undetectable mode.

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