BizTalk Server

What is BizTalk Server?
BizTalk Server is an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) developed by Microsoft that can connect to various business servers that may otherwise not be able to communicate with each other.

Although the name evokes some sort of teleconferencing mechanism, BizTalk is designed to enable enterprise software to be able to communicate and share data such as order or billing details.

The BizTalk Server includes more than 25 multi-platform adapters and a stealth messaging infrastructure that enables organizations to implement connectivity outside and inside their operations. It is best known for its superior integration functionality. The BizTalk Server is a form of Business Process Management (BPM) solution. The 'biz' in BizTalk is short for business.

Other applications that the BizTalk Server offers include:

- IBM host / mainframe connectivity
- Radio frequency identification
- Electronic data exchange and connectivity
- Monitoring of business activities
- Permanent messaging

Microsoft's BizTalk Server is also used in conjunction with the company's BPM and Start-of-Authority domain name system record, as well as the bus functions of the Enterprise Service Bus. ESB is a type of middleware system that integrates IT assets using a service-oriented approach that supports intelligent communication and relationships between unrelated business components.

Overall, the BizTalk Server enables merchants to manage their supply chains from the factory to an online store. It also provides the infrastructure to connect applications regardless of their platforms and to develop, make available and consume brand new services. Proprietary and standards-based systems are connected to BizTalk servers that work with the .NET framework and at the same time establish connections to applications, platforms and their users.

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