Large company in tax law

There are no clear demarcations beyond the classification as a large company in tax law. After the division into size classes z. B. Liberal professions with a taxable profit of over € 244,000 or over € 3.7 million in sales are classified as a large company. For large farms in agriculture and forestry, a tax profit of over € 95,000 or an economic value of the self-cultivated area of over € 165,000 applies.
The management and leadership in large companies is separated into management and financiers. The number of employees is high. There is a detailed one Organizational structure. Large companies are usually assigned to large-scale commercial industries, which are characterized by a high degree of location flexibility (transnational taxation and globalization). Service companies are also increasingly growing into these dimensions.

Large companies are usually designed as a corporation. This results in good opportunities for external financing and access to Capital market. Large companies usually have their own tax department.

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