Behavior grid

Definition of behavioral grid

The behavior grid of leadership belongs to the two-dimensional leadership styles. It is also known as the managerial grid. In the vertical of the coordinate system the person-oriented leadership behavior is shown, in the horizontal the task-oriented leadership behavior. Leadership styles can be characterized with the behavior grid:

Leadership style

1.1 leadership style

The 1.1 leadership style, which is not geared towards high performance or maintaining human relationships. It corresponds to the laissez-faire management style.

1.9 leadership style

The 1.9 management style, which creates a friendly atmosphere but does not perform well.

5.5 leadership style

The 5.5 leadership style that provides average employee performance. It is only a compromise.

9.1 leadership style

The 9.1 leadership style, where high performance is expected without encouraging interpersonal relationships. He is an authoritarian leadership style.

9.9 leadership style

The 9.9 leadership style aimed at high performance and high satisfaction. He is the desirable leadership style.

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