Batch processing

Batch processing is an operating mode of computers. It is characterized by the fact that all data to be processed is first collected and then processed on a key date. Batch processing takes place e.g. B. takes place in a data center and is also called batch processing. The collected receipts are processed together so that the computer does not have to:

  • Has to be loaded with another program,
  • New processing data must be entered,
  • Must be equipped with other data storage devices and data carriers.

Batch processing is useful if the business transactions to be processed are regular and the data does not need to be constantly updated, e.g. B. Pay slips at the end of the month, commission statements at the end of the quarter, operating statistics (at the end of the half-year or year-end).

Benefits of batch processing

- An exact planning of the machine occupancy is possible
- The use of relatively simple operating systems, as only one program is running at a time.

Disadvantages of batch processing

- The data is not up to date
- Usually not optimal use of the system or the computer capacity
- Relatively long waiting times until the processing results are available.

Batch processing can be combined with dialog processing.

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