Bare metal restore

What is bare metal restore?
Bare metal restore is a system recovery process that creates an identical computer image / instance from scratch on a bare metal computer. It enables a computer to be recovered without any pre-installed software, other than firmware or BIOS (Basic Input / Output System).

Bare metal recovery is also known as tier 1 recovery.

Bare metal recovery is performed in corporate computing environments that require exact replicas of computer systems in the event of a disaster. It is implemented by special software that copies a complete image of a source computer as a system image that is held by the system image or backup software. The image can be easily transported and installed and restored on a new or older system with no data on the hard disk drive (HDD). The system image integrates seamlessly into the bare metal system and provides the new system with the same software, applications, settings and data.

Bare metal recovery typically requires the same hardware configuration as the source computer and destination bare metal computer.

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