Barcode is the machine-readable encrypted representation of the item number. It can have 13 digits as a normal symbol or 8 as a short symbol. The bar code is either applied directly by the industry during the manufacture of the packaging material or in the store by sticking labels. In the retail business, the respective sales price of the item in question is assigned to the B. At the checkout, the bar code is read with a wand or a photoelectric eye built into the checkout counter so that the price no longer has to be typed in.

The light spaces and dark bars of the code of different widths are scanned by a laser beam and the values converted into pulses are forwarded to the background computer. After the code has been read in by the scanner, all the data assigned to the item are called up by the computer, in particular the retail price calculated individually by the company (price look-up procedure). Band is a term used in data processing. Barcode is short for magnetic tape.

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