Banker trojan

What is banker trojan?
A banker trojan is malware designed to obtain financial information or to hack users through a banking or financial system, usually through an online banking or broker interface.

Banker Trojans can work in a number of ways, such as adding code to banking websites, or intercepting passwords or information through the use of keyloggers. These types of malware have been analyzed by top security agencies and banks and financial institutions are fighting back.

One way to limit the use and damage of banking Trojans is to provide more secure authentication for online banking users. This is the reason for the new multi-channel authentication, where online banking programs can ask users to transfer data from a mobile phone to further authenticate a transaction or user access. Security experts also provide resources to the parties to remove existing banker Trojans.

Avoiding Banker Damage Trojans are a top priority in the financial industries as they focus on new remote access and digital models. Experts express their particular concern about online brokerage tools because of the number of different types of transactions that users can make through these portals.

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