What is bagbiter?
Bagbiter is a slang term used to denigrate a piece of code, program, or the programmer behind it. Definitions of this term often include a lack of function, but other types of meanings apply.

The term bagbiter is rooted in coarse and slang jargon that is not limited to the IT community. However, in certain cases the term is used in certain technological contexts. For example, a frustrated consumer might describe the customer service arm of a large telecommunications company as a bagbiter.

A bagbiter is described as a person or program that 'caused some problems' or something that doesn't work or works badly. For example, an IT professional may describe a bagbiter as a program that does not allow specified user activity.

When a bagbiter is used to describe a person, it can mean that a person is not doing their part or is an incompetent programmer. It can also mean that someone is merely a harassment in relation to the process.

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