Backup storage

What is backup storage?
Backup storage refers to a storage device, medium, or facility used to store copies and instances of backup data. Backup storage enables maintenance, management, retrieval, and restoration of backup data for any individual, application, computer, server, or computing device.

Backup storage is primarily an additional storage device used to store backup data. Typically, it resides outside of the system, server, or device for which the backup data is being created; B. a local / remote storage server. The backup storage itself can be a hard disk drive, tape drive, CD drive, or any mass storage medium installed in a computer or storage server. In corporate IT environments, the backup storage medium / technology used can be RAID, a storage network or a storage system with network connection. Backup software or a backup manager is used to create, store, manage, and retrieve backup data to and from the backed up application / location.

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