Backup manager

What is backup manager?
A backup manager is an application that plans, manages, and executes backup processes on a computer, server, or network device. It is an integrated application that operates on a client / server architecture to extract backup copies of data from a source computer or IT environment to remote storage.

A backup manager is primarily a type of backup software specifically designed for corporate backup solutions. Enterprise-class backup manager software / solution generally consists of a backup client and backup server-side applications. The backup client applications are installed on all local computers / servers that need to be backed up and provide data duplication, compression and other client-end backup operations. On the Backup server the backup is saved.

The backup manager then enables the sending / uploading of backup data from the client terminals to the backup server based on a pre-defined schedule or manually. It also offers the option of selecting the backup process, be it incremental, differential, full or mirrored. In addition, the backup manager ensures that the backup data from the client to the server and vice versa is error-free, secure and supports disaster recovery processes.

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