Backup client

What is backup client?
A backup client is the source computer or node within a backup process that contains the data that is to be backed up to a destination storage server / location. A backup client is generally the end user's computer or server in a networked backup environment.

The backup client can also access the client endBackup software refer.

The idea of a backup client comes from the client / server architecture, in which a client requests the server for a specific service and is dependent on it. Similarly, the backup client communicates with a backup server to complete the backup process. Typically, a backup client can be a computer, server, network hardware, or virtual machine. In order to initiate and run a backup process, the backup client usually requires client-end backup software that is compatible with the Backup serverSoftware or the backup server itself. The individual user / administrator can configure the backup client to select the type, location and schedule of the data to be backed up.

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