Backup appliance

What is a backup appliance?
Backup-Appliance ist eine Art von Datenspeichergerät / -gerät, das die Backup-Software- und Hardwarekomponenten in einem einzigen Gerät ansammelt.
It is a kind of turnkey and all-encompassing backup solution that provides a central interface for backup processes, tools and infrastructure.

Backup Appliance is a hardware device that comes pre-installed with backup management software, storage drives, network interfaces / ports, and other backup administration programs.

It works by being connected to the devices / components in the local / organization network. The pre-installed backup software collects data / files from each connected and configured node / device and saves them on their local storage media.

The same data can be replicated / restored via the backup appliance if necessary. It can also be connected to external storage / backup facilities such as SAN, NAS or cloud backup.

In addition, it can also provide data security and protection services by encrypting data at rest and restricting access to the appliance only to authorized users.

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