Bachelor's degree in literature and culture

A bachelor's degree in literature and culture deals with reading and writing as well as with various societies.

What does a Bachelor's degree in literature and culture include?

A Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Literature and Culture will immerse you in the literary traditions of many different cultures around the world and give you an insight into the literature of a culture through people's values and worldviews.

Some universities or colleges allow you to focus on a specific culture and related literature. This can give you an in-depth knowledge of a particular culture and can also help you perfect your skills in another language. You can focus on Asian, Russian, American, German or Pacific cultures and their literary products.

What will i learn

As you study literature and culture, you will acquire valuable skills in critical theory and comparative analysis. You will likely improve your own reading and writing skills. In these courses, you can also understand how a culture's literature is created from its own perspective or situation.

During the class, you can study oral storytelling by indigenous peoples or American postmodern poetry related to Shakespeare. Typically, you attend anthropology and sociology to round off your education. Other topics you could study are:

  • Literary history
  • Creative writing
  • composition
  • African literature
  • Cultural studies
  • ethnography

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What can I do with my degree?

Since literature and culture are an interdisciplinary focus, you will acquire skills that are important for different areas. You can pursue a career in education, writing, publishing, advertising, or international communication. You can choose to work for a nonprofit organization or the government. A course in literature and culture can also prepare you for a degree in which you can obtain a law degree or a doctorate in the humanities.

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