Baby boomer compatibility

What is Baby Boomer Compatibility?
Baby Boomer Compatibility is a slang term for the pressure placed on technology companies to create usable, understandable devices that target the baby boomer generation. In the United States, baby boomers are the largest and most easily identifiable population group and, more importantly, they currently own a large amount of wealth. Hence, tech firms are driven to sell and sell in such a large market. Baby Boomer compatibility is a common issue, however, as this particular generation is less technologically literate than their successors.

Baby boomers tend to get a bad rap for not being able to adapt to changing technologies. To be fair, most baby boomers came of age in the 1960s, and what we consider modern technology - personal computers, internet, and cell phones, etc. - was not commercially available until the 80s and 90s - a point where the Boomers were approaching midlife and, in general, less likely to have an interest in or one Cutting edge technology to have.

Because of the rich market represented by the boomers, the technology producers are trying to develop products that are compatible with the generation of baby boomers. Some of these solutions are elegant, like touch surfaces, larger display fonts, and so on. Just as often, however, the end result is a harsh disappointment in a product that limits functionality more than increases compatibility.

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