Automatically executed batch file (autoexec.bat)

Was ist die automatisch ausgeführte Batch file (autoexec.bat)?
The automatically executed batch file, abbreviated with the filename autoexec.bat, is a system file on older DOS operating systems that contains a list of boot commands. Autoexec.bat provides an alternative to manually entering each startup command when the computer starts up. The automatically executed batch file was often included in Windows designs as a plain text batch file in the root directory around the turn of the millennium.

DOS-based systems would read the automatically executed batch file to collect various kinds of commands to start up the computer. For example, autoexec.bat could provide initiation for device drivers or provide helpful commands for using virus scanners or other tools.

In the early systems that used autoexec.bat, it appeared frequently in the top-level user windows of the operating system. This meant that many users unfamiliar with the boot execution would see the file and have at least a passing interest in what was in it. In contrast, similar files are hidden in most operating systems these days and users can ignore them.

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