Automatic vehicle locator

What is an automatic vehicle locator?
An Automatic Vehicle Locator (AVL) is a technology that enables businesses or individuals to track vehicles in real time.

Many AVL systems use Global Positioning Systems (GPS). These AVL systems are based on extensive mappings that were carried out to support GPS-based applications and satellite services.

Automatic vehicle location systems provide specific user interfaces for tracking vehicles and learning more about the actual transport in real time. For example, different systems have different features for labeling vehicles, viewing vehicle location history, etc.

In terms of engineering and designing these systems, they use radio frequency to deliver signals from a vehicle to a central base that is simply like a PC connected to the internet. This is known as a 'radio-to-internet' design, in which the base station takes the data and sends it over the internet. Now companies are designing even newer systems that can offer additional functionality, such as: B. determining the number of passengers in a particular vehicle.

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