Automated website test

What is an automated website test?
Automated website testing uses a variety of software tools to evaluate the performance of a website. The process streamlines and standardizes website test parameters for configuration changes that occur during the development phase. This saves resources and provides consistent results for website owners and administrators.

Before the automated testing of the website, the developers created special test suites to determine the functionality and security of the website.

Automated website testing tools are designed to create a customizable and reusable test suite that can examine every aspect of a website in order to streamline the workflow with minimal user intervention.

Well-known examples of automated test software are:

Selenium: Its purpose is to automate web browsers, but also for automated tests and administrative website tasks

Ranorex: Used for automated testing of websites, desktops and mobile applications

Sahi: Open source test automation tool for web applications

Watir: Web application testing tool that, unlike other tools that use Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) for browser simulation, pragmatically controls a web browser

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