What is autodialer?
An autodialer is a software program with which many numbers are automatically dialed from a database. It can be configured to leave messages for people on answering machines, receive recorded replies, or dial phone numbers for an operator. Auto-dialers are widely used in telemarketing and customer support.

Auto-dialers are used with telephones, pager networks, or cell phones. Once the calls are set up, the auto callers announce verbal messages or transmit digital data to callers.

Systems that perform call transfer to an operator when a call is answered by a person are called predictive dialers.

The main principle behind automatic dialing systems is the ability to recognize live human recording and answering machines. Since there are no hardware signals when calls are answered by an answering machine, automatic dialers analyze received audio to make predictions.

Regular PCs or desktop computers can also be converted into automatic dialers with the help of telephone modems. There are special hardware-producing software programs that set up functions similar to an autodialer over a physical telephone line. Free or inexpensive automatic dialers without a modem also work with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and the Internet. The traditional benefits of using calling cards over modems include recognizing keypad tones and transferring calls to callers. Call progress detection, keypad tones, call forwarding, voicemail, and answering machine detection are commonly found in voice modem auto-dial systems.

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