Asynchronous learning

What is asynchronous learning?
Asynchronous learning is a student-centered teaching method that uses online learning resources to facilitate the exchange of information between people on a network. With asynchronous learning, the exchange of information is not restricted by place or time.

Asynchronous learning is facilitated through media such as email, online discussion forums, email lists, blogs, and wikis.

Asynchronous learning facilitates working relationships between teachers and learners even when the participants are not online at the same time, which means a high degree of flexibility for e-learning. Asynchronous participation is key to online course options. This allows participants to combine education with family, work, and other responsibilities.

Participants can conveniently log into an e-learning platform from any virtual location and then download and share documents and send emails to their colleagues and / or teachers. Students also have the opportunity to polish their assignments and contributions.

Advantages of asynchronous learning are as follows:

Students from all over the world can attend regardless of time zone or location.

Considered the most popular form of e-learning, students, employees, or other end users can access learning materials 24 hours a day, seven days a week via an intranet or the Internet.

It enables bookmarking, which helps learners save current course locations for later retrieval, and enables learners to restart a course if necessary.

The platform is ideal for company training. With the help of a Learning Management System (LMS), companies can track training sessions and keep detailed records, thereby reducing human errors.

This platform is extremely cost effective for organizations with large numbers of employees in different geographic locations.

It's much faster than a synchronous environment. For example, asynchronous e-learning generally requires about 25 to 50 percent of the training time used in a synchronous environment.

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