Assortment dimensions

Assortment Dimensions - The scope of an assortment is determined by two dimensions: width and depth.

the Range of products indicates how many product lines are offered. A product line is a group of products that are technologically and / or economically related to one another, e.g. B. washing machines, food, furniture, etc. The range of products is a measure of the specialization of the supplier: the wider the range, the lower the degree of specialization.

the Depth of assortment gibt an, wie Viel Varianten innerhalb einer Produktlinie angeboten werden. Die Produktvarianten unterscheiden sich z. B. in Qualität, Form und / oder Farbe. Die Sortimentstiefe ist also ein Maß für die Differenzierung des Angebotes: Je tiefer das Sortiment, umso höher ist der Grad der Differenzierung (Product differentiation).

The total number of product variants offered is referred to as the scope of the range. If you divide the scope of the range by its width, you get the average depth of the range.

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