Assessment Center: Procedure and exercises

Das Assessment Center ist ein systematisches Verfahren der Staff appraisal. In verschiedenen praxisbezogenen Leistungssituationen werden 6 bis 18 Personen gleichzeitig durch mehrere Beobachter anhand vorgegebener Beurteilungskriterien über einen Tag oder mehrere Tage hinweg beurteilt.
The assessment centers can differ in their structure. They can contain observations, surveys and psychological tests which, if possible, should be based on the requirements of the field of activity that the participants exercise or should exercise. The observers who are responsible for judging the participants must be trained for this task. The process and content of the assessment center can be:

Process of the assessment center

  • Determination of the goals and the target group
  • Selection of observers
  • Creation of the requirement profile
  • Compilation of the exercises
  • Organizational preparation
  • Training of observers
  • Processing of the tasks by the participants
  • Observation and evaluation
  • Coordination of ratings
  • Preparation of reports / final selection
  • Informing the participants

Assessment Center exercises

  • Individual interviews with the participants
  • Group discussion of the participants
  • Processing a case study
  • Mail box exercise as a single task
  • Role play of the participants
  • Presentation of a problem
  • Lecture by the participant
  • Processing of a questionnaire
  • Analysis of business problems
  • Classification of the other participants
  • Self-assessment at the end

The assessment center is used both in recruiting and in personnel development.

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