Artificial super intelligence

What is Artificial Super Intelligence?
Artificial superintelligence is a term that refers to the time when the ability of computers will surpass humans. "Artificial intelligence," which has been widely used since the 1970s, refers to the ability of computers to mimic human thinking. Artificial superintelligence goes one step further and postulates a world in which the cognitive abilities of a computer are superior to those of a human.
Most experts would agree that societies have not yet reached the point of artificial superintelligence. In fact, engineers and scientists are still trying to get to what is considered complete artificial intelligence, where a computer can be said to have the same cognitive capacity as a human.

While there are developments like IBM's Watson supercomputer beating human gamers at Jeopardy, and assistive devices like Siri that have primitive conversations with humans, there is still no computer that can simulate the range of knowledge and cognitive abilities of a fully developed adult human can.

the Turing test, der vor Jahrzehnten entwickelt wurde, wird immer noch verwendet, um darüber zu sprechen, ob Computer menschliche Konversation und Gedanken nahezu simulieren können oder ob sie andere Menschen dazu bringen können zu denken, dass ein kommunizierender Computer tatsächlich ein Mensch ist.

However, there are a ton of theories that expect artificial superintelligence sooner rather than later. Using examples like Moore's Law, which predicts an ever-increasing density of transistors, experts talk about singularity and the exponential growth of technology where artificial intelligence could manifest itself in many years and where artificial superintelligence could exist in the 21st century.

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