Application streaming

What is application streaming?
Anwendungsstreaming bezieht sich auf ein On-Demand-Softwarebereitstellungsmodell, das auf der Tatsache basiert, dass die meisten Anwendungen nur einen kleinen Teil ihres gesamten Programmiercodes für den business benötigen. Dies bedeutet, dass ein Programm nicht vollständig auf einem Client-Computer installiert werden muss. Teile davon können jedoch bei Bedarf im gesamten Netzwerk angeboten werden.

Similar to progressive downloads in audio or video, application streaming is completely transparent to the end user. The client gets enough information from the server to trigger the application, which is generally only 10 percent of the application. The rest is then streamed to the client in the background, even if the end user is doing other tasks. Application streaming uses the Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP). It is widely used in conjunction with desktop virtualization.

The advantages of application streaming are:

Application streaming allows users to download only the features they actually need. Users can store the other attributes on a remote network server that can be accessed when needed. Application streaming avoids using unnecessary apps or programs that consume system resources like speed and memory. This makes the systems run much faster.

Helps to reach countless users with just a single application. Users can access a specific application from any location with any computer, which is particularly useful for mobile users.

Because users only need a single copy of the application, it is easy to update and manage. Users can make changes on a remote server where they can simply log in and download the latest version to their systems.

Application streaming is cost effective because of the following factors:

Software update: If a company plans to upgrade or switch to a different app version, it can be set up to run automatically every time you log in.

Software installation: Since streaming applications can be served from a remote server, all the user has to do is inform the system of the desktop requirements and an appropriate version will be provided if the request is made over the network.

License fees: Streaming lowers software license fees and administration licensing costs by eliminating the need to purchase more and more licenses.

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