Application monitoring

What is application monitoring?
Application monitoring is a process that ensures that a software application is being processed and executed as expected. This technique routinely identifies, measures, and evaluates the performance of an application and provides the ability to isolate and correct any deviations or defects.

Application monitoring is also known as Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and Application Performance Management (APM).

The application monitoring process is generally activated by specialized APM software built into the primary application being monitored. Typically, application monitoring provides runtime metrics of system performance that are made available to the application administrator. These metrics include transaction time, system response, transaction volume, and the overall health of the back-end infrastructure.

Generally, the metrics are provided through an APM software dashboard in the form of graphical images and statistics. These numbers make it possible to evaluate the performance of an application or the entire application infrastructure. Application monitoring also evaluates the end-user experience and application performance at the component level.

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