Application Management Outsourcing (AMO)

Was ist Application Management Outsourcing (AMO)?
Application Management Outsourcing (AMO) ist die allgemeine Verwaltung und Unterstützung einer Anwendung durch einen Dritten Beteiligten. Es ist eine besondere Art von Application outsourcing, die dazu beiträgt, Standards für die Verwendung einer Anwendung in einem bestimmten System aufrechtzuerhalten.

In practice, application management outsourcing can be part of a wide range of outsourcing services that an organization uses to create agile architectures. Third-party vendors help with software patches, version updates, and even cost assessments.

Application management outsourcing places a greater burden on the companies supporting the growing applications in-house. Tasks such as support assurance, scaling, performance management, resource allocation, cybersecurity research and eventual shutdowns put companies under pressure. This is one of the reasons a company chooses AMO.

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