Application component provider

What is application component provider?
An application component vendor is a person who develops components for JEE applications, e.g. B. web components, enterprise beans, applets and application clients. The application component provider is an expert in components and business domains, serving the roles of HTML designer, document programmer, and Enterprise JavaBeans developer.

The application component vendor tools are developed by the tool provider. In application development and deployment, J2EE specifies different roles that can be handled by the same or different people depending on the size of the organization. J2EE architecture roles are product providers, tool providers, application component providers, application assemblers and deployers.

The application component vendor develops J2EE components after the software is acquired and installed by the product and tool vendors. The assembler assembles the components and the deployer provides them.

The declarative application security structure of J2EE is described in an implementation descriptor. The application assembler and application component provider are responsible for describing the deployment descriptor, with the security policy associated with the security structure of the operating system environment.

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